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Are you looking to be healthy and eat right? What you need is WhEatRight. We'll help you learn how to use wheat so that its wonderful nutrition can be used by the body. Some celiacs (gluten intolerants ) can eat wheat when it is prepared this way.

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This is the educational website of Gwen Lund (Sourdough Gal) and her Soaked-Flour, Sourdough Bread-making Method

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Wholegrain Sourdough Soaked-Flour Bread is:

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A little about my philosophy, or the truth as I have found it:

I have worked hard and a long time to

find the truths taught here on this site.

These true principles about how to make traditional

whole grain bread have been lost in America because of the use of

modern bread-making methods in this country for

almost a hundred years now.

The health of all Americans has suffered accordingly.


1. We (us humans) get our vitamins and minerals mostly from fruit  (high in vitamins, also high in acidity, in quantity) and vegetables (high in minerals, some vitamins), and whole grains (high in minerals and some vitamins), and a little meat (vitamins and minerals).

"We are meant to get our vitamins and minerals from vegetables and whole grains, but mostly vegetables."  Rita Bingham

2. The two hardest proteins for the human body to digest are the protein (gluten) in bread, and the proteins in milk. Because of this fact, traditional diets of healthy cultures have always made sourdough bread out of the grains, and yogurt out of the milk.

3.Placed by nature on the outside of each kernel of grain, seed, nut and bean is phytic acid. This substance plays a role when the seeds are placed in the soil to grow. But when we eat them we must remove the phytic acid to be able to absorb the minerals in the grains.

4. For good health you need to eat vegetables and whole grains every day with an emphasis on the vegetables. What a smorgasbord of delight vegetables are! All colors,variety, tastes and textures to nourish us! We are very blessed with an abundance of fruits and vegetables all the year round in this country of ours. However, most people don't have a lot of trouble eating fruits everyday, but many, many Americans do not eat vegetables, or whole grains much at all, let alone every day! And even if they eat truly whole grains,which are loaded with calcium and other 'essential for health' minerals, they are not getting those minerals because they don't prepare the grains properly. If you think you are getting "whole grains", look again.

5.Your body needs vitamins and minerals continuously in each cell ( all 100 trillion of them) Most of us have been programed to think that sickness comes from germs that catch up with us, when the truth is our bodies weaken because of poor food and become unable to have a strong immune system to fight off those germs or deal with the stress they are under.

6. When you cook vegetables they have about half the nutrients as they did when they were raw, but with some vegetables a light steaming releases vit. and minerals for better nutrient absorbtion by the body.

7. Most grains need to be soaked properly to remove many of the phytates ---even when they are eaten as sprouts! An excellent food, sprout preparation is taught here,as well as how to make sprout bread with those sprouts, that has the nutrition available for the body.

8. In the sourdough, long soak of the dough (8hrs) the gluten is partially digested (broken down) so your body does not have to do all the work. Yes! celiacs and gluten-intolerant people are successfully eating this bread.

9. You can make bread at home that is whole grain bread, the very way, the traditional way, our ancestors made it for thousands of years! This is whole grain bread and sprout bread made with soaked flour/grain in the true sourdough tradition. No commercial yeast used!- not even a little bit!!

Here you will learn about bread made with four pure ingredients

 fresh, whole wheat and rye flour

(that you can grind yourself)



and a little salt.

(please notice no sugar is necessary,
and no commercial yeast is used)

This is a place to learn about the goodness of whole grains (including wheat in its whole state) as a powerhouse of good nutrition, and also my theories about why lately many people's bodies cannot tolerate them very well. All the bad things people are saying about cheaty-white, refined wheat flour are true. But whole grain flour, just-milled, soaked, and properly prepared is very,very different than cheaty-white flour. Even high gluten varieties are just fine for us if prepared the sourdough way.

Lets not 'throw the baby out with the bath water'! Throwing out all wheat because refined white four is bad is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. The baby is the most important thing here!

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I have a passion for helping people learn how to become healthy or healthier by eating good food. I believe that wheat grain is a powerhouse of nutrition, the king of grains, and we have been cheated for several generations (since the advent of white four) in America by people who were more concerned about convenience and making money than keeping us healthy.

If you have lost your good health, look to what you eat!

The time to prevent your future health problems is now! Get some vitamins and minerals!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." an old saying

Truth taught to me by Paul Leatham: "Our bodies can heal themselves if given food that nourishes the body."

Many(most) of the foods we eat do not nourish us. We are in severe trouble in this country!

It is time to wake up and learn truth about our food to prevent and reverse disease!

I welcome you here! ... for you to learn from me, and for me to learn from you!

Thank you for coming … and reading,

---And Happy Baking!

Gwen Lund (your Sourdough Gal) Sept. 2012