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  1. Welcome to Gwen Lund’s Educational website for the promotion of genuine sourdough bread that you can easily make at home! Please use this dialog/comment space for questions or encouragement to fellow bread bakers.

  2. How do I use the starter in pancakes, do I mix it up the night before with the starter and then cook the pancakes in the morning?

    1. What I do is make up the pancake recipe with all ingredients except the soda (or baking powder-whatever you use). Then after the soak,-8 hrs. or overnight, I add the soda. I use buttermilk for the liquid in the pancakes, and because of that I do not need to use starter as an acidifier, although you could.Try not to stir too much. You can also add the eggs in the morning instead along with the soda.
      Another way to do pancakes is just use your starter as the base if you have made enough. Just add the eggs and the soda and salt, oil if you want and fry.
      Both kinds the pancakes are delicious, especially knowing that you are getting all the minerals!

      The reason you wait to add the soda is that soda will neutralize the acid ph soak, and you need the acidified liquid to neutralize the phytates.

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