What is soaked flour?

Soaked Flour

There are two proteins that are the hardest for human to digest: gluten(in wheat),

and the protein in milk.That is why, traditionally, these foods have been prepared in such a way as to pre-digest or begin to breakdown the proteins for digestion so the body does not have to have the nearly impossible task of doing so.

They are processes or traditional foods that some people in our culture recognize: sourdough bread and yogurtI have included” soaked flour” or “soaked” in the title of my  whole grain bread to distinguish it from other kinds of sourdough bread produced in the USA. There are many versions of sourdough made today. Some examples are: those breads that are made with everlasting yeast and are not soaked in the process of making, those breads  which are out there for sale which have no sourdough starter in them, but are made with reg. yeast, and a little vinegar is added for a bit or sour flavor, and several other variations. Most, by the way are not whole grain(even if the label says so) and are made with plain old white flour. I am sure you have all experienced these”Sourdough”-labeled commercial breads.

This website and DVD teach you how to make the traditional sourdough-starter leavened bread that Europe and Canada have been making for generations of time. Go back in history before those peoples existed and you will also find sourdough bread. Fortunately Europe and Canada are still making this kind of bread, while the USA stopped making it around 1900.

The health advantages of sourdough are these:

1. In the process of making the bread the dough is left to sit (and eventually rise) for about 10 hours. As it does so the phytates  are neutralized! Thus the bread is more nutritious by far!

2. Gluten in the bread is pre-digested during this soaking process so the gluten proteins are much more easy to digest, as nature intended them to be, by us using the proper preparation method. Whole grains, except for those without  gluten[ brown rice and millet] should always  be prepared as taught on this website. Even if you have a strong, healthy body,never have been bothered by gluten intolerance,you will maintain better health and make things easier on that now healthy body if you eat sourdough bread, cakes,cookies,cereals.

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